Dustless Blasting & Rust Inhibitor: The Perfect Rust Removal Solution

Rust is a common problem for many industries, including automotive, construction, and marine. Not only does rust look bad, but it can also weaken metal parts and compromise their integrity over time. That's why it's crucial to take action against rust as soon as possible. Using a Dustless Blasting machine + our rust inhibitor is one of the most effective rust removing and rust prevention tools on the market.

Wet, Dry, & Soda Blast Metal: You Can Have It All

A Dustless Blasting machine can wet, dry, and soda blast all in one. For applications such as cars or other automotive applications, we typically advise contractors to wet blast the body panels to avoid heat warping and dry blast the interior to keep wet abrasive from clogging in small spaces. You may be thinking, wet blasting? Won't that rust the car's exterior? You're right, Dustless Blasting alone is not enough to prevent rust from returning before applying the finishing coating on your surface. That's where our specially formulated rust inhibitor comes in for ultimate protection. Get the most out of your machine by utilizing the proper tools and products for your metal surfaces - you can have it all!


How Does a Rust Inhibitor Work?

A rust inhibitor or rust stopper is a chemical compound that is applied to a surface after it has been blasted to stop rust from forming on metal equipment, cars, and other applications. Our protective formula decreases the water's surface tension, allowing the inhibitor to penetrate the pores of the surface and remove contamination, including salts, acids, light oils, and greases. This also removes byproducts of the blasting process (shattered abrasives, dried paint, and more) lodged in the pores of the surface. This allows for the strongest possible bond between the rust-free, blasted surface and the new coating.

The Goldilocks of Rust Inhibitors

Unlike some rust inhibitors on the market that remove rust well, but aren't non-toxic or only protect for 24-48 hours, you can have the best of all worlds with the application of our product. Dustless Blasting's rust inhibitor leaves behind no unwanted residue, evaporates completely, and all you have to do is add it to your blast pot and spray! One-step, no mess, no fuss application. This process leaves your exposed metal clean and protects against rust for 72 hours.

Combining dustless blasting with a rust inhibitor is a powerful one-two punch for removing and preventing rust. The Dustless Blaster removes the rust and other contaminants, while the rust inhibitor ensures that the metal surface remains protected against rust for up to 72 hours. This combination is particularly effective for marine environments or seaside businesses where saltwater and other harsh conditions can accelerate the rusting process. This is why Dustless Blasting's rust inhibitor is the best rust remover for metal money can buy.

rust stopper for metal surfaces

How to Effectively Use Your Rust Inhibitor

  1. Blast the surface with rust inhibitor-treated water. Mix with water in a 1:100 ratio (to see more details on dilution ratio, click here). This mixture cleans the metal and prevents the surface from picking up unwanted chlorides.

  2. Rinse with rust inhibitor treated water. After blasting, the metal still needs a final rinse. In this rinse step, use the same ratio you utilized in step 1.

  3. Remove standing water from the metal surface: Use a leaf blower or oil-free compressed air to remove any standing water from the metal and prevent recontamination.

  4. Avoid recontamination. Dirt, body oils, and moisture all can cause rust. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when handling your newly blasted metal surface.

Retain information better with a visual aid? Check out this video on how to prevent flash rust and get the most out of your rust prevention spray.

Real-World Examples

We can sit here all day and tell you how great our rust inhibitor is at stopping and preventing rust, but sometimes you have to see the performance to believe it. We get it! Check out this case study of how one man restored a rusty, old car to former glory. You won't go back to using any other automotive rust inhibitor again.

classic car restored with dustless blasting

Where Can I Get This Magic Stuff?

We sell our rust inhibitor in 5-gallon easy-pour containers or 55-gallon drums for those extreme projects on your calendar. Check out this page to purchase and browse more information on the best rust stopper on the market.

The Dustless Blasting machine and our rust inhibitor is the perfect combination for rust removal and rust repair. Our sandblasting pots remove the rust and other contaminants, while the rust inhibitor protects the metal surface from future rust formation. This powerful one-two punch is effective for many industries and can save you time and money in the long run. Take advantage of the perfect pairing and pick up some product today! Interested in blast pots to get the complete rust removal and prevention power? Browse our product page to learn more.

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