Restoring a Classic Car with Dustless Blasting

1954 mercedes 300sl gullwing

Restoring a classic car is truly a labor of love, but that doesn't mean you want that labor to take forever.

You've got to do the engine work, repair the brakes and electrical system, revamp the interior, and most importantly you need to remove old paint and rust to prepare the body for a new paint job. 

For most of these steps, there are no shortcuts.

Thankfully, with Dustless Blasting, weeks of back-breaking sanding and grinding are no longer necessary to achieve that perfect surface for paint. 

Dustless Blasting can remove...

  • Paint
  • Primer
  • Body Filler
  • Rust
  • Under coating

All in a fraction of the time it would take other methods!

Unlike traditional sand blasting, Dustless Blasting will not cause heat related warping. Additionally, Dustless Blasting gives the metal a perfect anchor profile for paint.

Best of all, it's FAST. Like, really fast. 

For example, Dennis Gage was at Cruisin' the Coast, he met Wayne Hatcher, who restored his 1950 Mercury with our DB500. Wayne says he was able to strip his sweet Mercury in ONLY an hour and a half!


 You can see the paint job looks pretty slick, and as any painter will tell you, a paint job is only as good as the surface preparation!

Want to start a profitable business restoring classic cars just like this? Talk to one of our Business Advisors today.