Case Studies: Pool Restoration with Dustless Blasting

Dustless Blasting has changed the game when it comes to the pool restoration industry. Whether you're removing plaster, cleaning calcium deposits from tiles or blasting away paint from decorative rock, these abrasive blasting machines can do it all. Let's take a look at three different pool restoration jobs that our very own Dustless Blasting business owners took on with their mobile blasting trailers. For all things regarding pool resurfacing, checkout this guide.


Paint Removal from decorative pool rocks


This homeowner tried anything and everything to remove two layers of paint from the rocks around her pool. After many failed attempts, like using a pressure washer and hiring a media blaster that her pool company recommended, she was beginning to wonder if her backyard oasis would ever look the way she wanted it to. A quick Google search lead her to a local Dustless Blasting business thanks to the marketing package they purchased with their machine. After seven hours of wet blasting with crushed glass, the rocks were restored to their original color.

This contractor used crushed glass as an abrasive because it's an angular type of media that can remove multiple layers of unwanted coatings efficiently. Crushed glass is chemically inert, environmentally friendly and contain less than 1% free silica. This is a great option for a wide variety of jobs, but especially if you're going to be blasting near landscaping or other people.

Due to this job being in a residential area, wet blasting was a must. Our machine is capable of dry blasting and soda blasting but both of those options create a large dust plume that would disturb residents nearby. This homeowner was thrilled with the results and happily paid over $350 an hour to the Dustless Blasting contractor.


Cleaning calcium from pool tiles

It's no secret that the Dustless Blaster is a powerful machine capable of removing tough coatings like bed liner and powder coating. However, this machine is known for its versatility and ability to use a variety of abrasive materials at different pressures. This means it can also clean calcium deposits from pool tiles without causing damage.


This Dustless Blasting contractor blasted 185 linear feet using only four bags glass beads because he was able to reclaim the spent media. Glass beads are perfect for cleaning delicate substrates because it is a round abrasive that won't damage the tiles. This media is also environmentally friendly and won't harm any of the landscaping around the pool or the PH. 

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Plaster Removal

On average, pool plaster will last around 10-12 years depending on the installation, wear and tear, and changes in climate. In this case, the entire 1800 square foot apartment complex pool needed to be resurfaced. Before the pool company can start remodeling, the plaster needs to be totally removed. This company struck a deal with a local Dustless Blasting business owner because they were tired of wasting so much time and money on hand grinders. He was able to complete the job by himself in 10 hours with 35 bags of crushed glass.  


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