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Automotive Restoration

Dustless Blasting is the perfect tool to eliminate Body Filler, Warping, Rust and DUST!

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Dustless Blasting is faster, cleaner and greener than any other paint stripping technology. From classic cars to Ferraris, take a look at some of the auto restoration jobs performed by our clients.


Blast at your location or your customer's. Dustless Blasting allows you to go to the project or blast where you otherwise would not be able to accomodate the plume of dust. 


Ready for Primer

Leave your customers (or yourself) with a primer ready surface. The Rust Inhibitor will prevent flash rust and ensures that the surface is clean. 


No Warping

The water eliminates friction!

No Heat = No Warping


Business Opportunity

With a truck and one of our Mobile Dustless Blasters go to the project!

  • No Transportation cost for customer

  • Ready for Primer when finished

  • Blasted With: DB500 Mobile

  • 6 Bags of Recycled Glass Abrasive

  • Less than 1 gallon of Rust Inhbitor

  • 53 Min. of Blast Time!

  • 1 Hour Prep

  • 1 Hour Clean-Up

  • Total Material Cost: Under $100

Dustless Blasting Behind The Scenes

Watch Dennis Gage from My Classic Car strip his truck in under an hour at his house! 

Love Cars? So do these guys!

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