man removing antifouling paint from a boat hull


Marine Maintenance

Since dust is suppressed, only simple containment is needed to keep the air and water pollutant-free.

Remove antifouling paint, marine growth, and more.

Suppress the Dust

Others can continue working nearby while blasting is being performed.

Easy Containment

Reduced dust means easier containment and cleanup.

Safe on All Surfaces

Steel, aluminum or fiberglass... you won't warp or damage the substrate.

Powerful Removal

Remove antifouling paint, epoxy, heavy marine growth, or open blisters in the gelcoat.

bottom paint stripped from boat
heavy rust and residue stripped from metal
abrasive blasting a catamaran hull
bottom paint removal from marine hull
paint removed from corrugated metal
man sandblasting a boat bottom
blue paint removed from viking yacht hull


Remove antifouling paint

Antifouling paint needed to be removed from this 54 ' Viking yacht, so that a new layer of antifouling paint could be applied. Many blisters had also developed in the fiberglass gelcoat, which needed to be opened up for repair.

Marine maintenance has never been this easy or this profitable.

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“I don’t think there’s any coating on the market that the Dustless Blaster can’t take off. ”

Mobile Business Owner

“It’s not necessary to do all that sweating on some surfaces when this machine will do it for you in a short period of time, and better.”

Rick B.
Mobile Business Owner

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marine maintenance

Easy Marine Maintenance

Work without the plume of dust, so others can continue to work nearby.

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paint and barnacles removed from boat hull for maintenance

Case Study: 34' Boat Bottom

Learn how much the contractor made on this job, and get all the job details.

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abrasive blasting the bottom of a ship

Dustless Blasting vs. DIY?

The owner of this boat decided to strip it himself, but the novelty wore off after 3 weeks of backbreaking labor.

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abrasive blasting a boat hull

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