sandblasting rivets on an aluminum trailer


Fleet Vehicles

Remove old paint and graphics without warping panels.

Dustless Blasting for Aluminum Trailers

No Warping

The water in our process reduces friction and heat, which can cause warping with other methods.

Reach Nooks & Crannies

Blast around rivets and other hard to reach places.

Easy Containment

Water suppresses the dust plume, making containment and cleanup simple.

Quick & Complete

Remove old paint and decals from fleet vehicles and keep up with their constantly updating graphics.

isuzu box truck stripped of paint and graphics
abrasive blasting a large moving truck
heavy rust removed from an old truck
dustless blasting rivets on an aluminum trailer
paint and graphics stripped from moving truck
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Blasting Van Trailers at Houston Distributing Company

This beverage distributor keeps their fleet in great shape by using the Dustless Blasting system.

Typical dry abrasive blasting creates friction and heat, which can warp thin aluminum panels like these. The water in the Dustless Blasting process actually lowers the temperature of the metal being blasted, preventing warping. 

“This company's equipment and processes are absolutely above and beyond their claims!! Love your equip!!”

Todd G.
Mobile Business Owner

“...the dustless blaster is everything you claimed and more. Plus we are able to spray paint from it to which means extra $$$. Also MMLJ has the best customer service I’ve ever experienced in over 40 years of being in business for myself.”

Rick H.
Mobile Business Owner

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abrasive blasting a fleet trailer

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