Earning Potential With Dustless Blasting

See the profit potential in different industries with Dustless Blasting! Here are real-life examples of how much our customers are making.


Residential Work

Pool Restoration:

Homeowners, property managers and pool companies pay good money for Dustless Blasting business owners to remove failing paint and plaster from swimming pools. Northwest Mobile Blasting LLC was hired to resurface these two large pools and walked away with a large profit!

Job Details:

  • Machine: DB500 Mobile XL
  • Bid: $21,660
  • Expenses (fuel, media, labor): $7,060
  • Total profit in 14 days: $14,600
Pool #1: Before
Pool #1: Blasting
Pool #1: After
Pool #2: Blasting
Pool #2: After

Residential Work

Log Home Restoration:

This business owner was paid big to restore larch logs and cedar panels on this beautiful log home with his DB500 Mobile XL.

Job Details:

  • 2,000 sqft. home
  • Blast time: 14.7 hours
  • 32 bags of media
  • PSI: 70-90
  • Bid: $8,000
Tyson spencer log home4
Tyson spencer log home2

Commercial Jobs

Propane Tanks:

Surface Prep Pros was hired to blast, prime and paint two 30,000 gallon propane tanks and one 1,000 gallon propane tank.

Job Details:

  • Machine: DB800 Mobile XL
  • Blast time: 46 hours
  • Media used: 12,000 lbs
  • Made additional revenue by offering painting services
  • Total bid: $40,000
Removed rust and failing coatings from three propane tanks.
Offered Priming and painting services for additional revenue.

Industrial Jobs

Water Treatment Plant:

Pro Blast of South Florida and Surface Prep Pros teamed up with their Dustless Blasting machines to remove failing coatings from a water treatment plant. They also offered priming and painting services for additional revenue.

Job Details:

  • Job length: 10 weeks
  • Equipment: (2) DB800 Mobile XLs and (1) DB800 Mobile Dual XXL
  • Job Bid: $310,000
  • Operating Costs: (transportation, consumables, labor, rentals, insurances, etc.) $150,000
  • Total Profit: $160,000
Wet Blasting open water tank

1. Blasted all industrial sized water tanks

containment plastic tarp cleanup shovel bagster
2. Provided containment and cleanup services for an additional fee.
paint spray water tank green
3. Primed and painted all water tanks for additional revenue.

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