Dustless Blasting® Vapor Adapter


  • Pressure Regulator
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Quick Connect Couplers
  • High Rated 25' Pressure Hose
  • Wand with vapor nozzle

What’s Included:

  • Downloadable Marketing PDF (customized with your business name and info)
  • Instructional Video to install your adapter
  • Single or Dual Operator Adapter
  • One or Two wands with high pressure hose
  • 1 Gallon or 2 Gallon of COVID-19 Decontamination Chemical Concentrate (Dilution ratio: 1-2 ounces of chemical concentrate per gallon of water - refer to label)


See it in Action

COVID KILLER Vapor Adapter



Single & Dual Models are Available.

Two operators can work simultaneously, completing the job in half the time. 

Includes a marketing flyer to promote your new service.

Customized with your business name & contact information


Success Story

This business owner started out offering free disinfecting services for first responders’ vehicles, but demand grew quickly and turned into a recurring revenue stream.

A local manufacturing facility, deemed essential, is using his disinfection services to keep their workers safe 

"They called me….they are happy as can be and want me to come back every other week."

Kevin B, Motor City Disinfection


Ready for some good news?
We are too.

Thanks to our inspiring business owners, we're seeing the good side of humanity. See how people are helping their communities with disinfection services.

Let's prevent the spread together.


Please check back periodically — we will update this FAQ as more information becomes available. 


What is the Dustless Blasting Vapor Adapter?
This attachment will create a way to deliver a vapor mist from the blast pot that is filled with water and a hospital grade disinfectant concentrate.


How much does it cost?
$425 for the single operator model, $655 for the dual operator model.
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What kind of disinfectant comes with it?
The included chemical is FQE Chemical Bacteria Kill I (or equivalent, based on availability from our supplier). 
FQE Chemical SDS
FQE Chemical Coronavirus Info

It is a liquid concentration of quaternary ammonium chlorides for bactericide effective against both aerobic and anaerobic micro-organisms (source).


What is the dilution rate?
This is based on manufacturers guidelines, but is generally between 1-2 oz per gallon of water.
FQE Chemicals Mixing Chart


Will kill COVID-19?  
Yes. FQE Bacteria Kill I meets EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19 (source).


Can the chemical be used in California?
Yes. All chemicals registered as EPA disinfectants are compliant with California regulations.


Can I purchase more chemical by itself?
Yes. Purchase additional FQE Bacteria Kill I here. You may also purchase anything from this list of EPA-registered disinfectants which are approved against the human coronavirus. 
Note: FQE Bacteria Kill 1 is not included by name on this list, but rather by its active ingredient, quaternary ammonium.


Application instructions?
Follow the instructions on the label to ensure safe and effective use of the product. Many products recommend:

  • Keeping surface wet for a period of time, often 10 minutes (see product label)

  • Precautions such as wearing gloves and making sure you have good ventilation during use of the product.

From the CDC — instructions on cleaning and disinfecting your facility


How long before the surface can be touched or used?
Roughly 10 minutes and until air dried. Always follow manufacturer guidelines. 


What does it smell like or does it smell bad? 
The product has a low odor best describe as fresh linen which dissipates quickly.


Can it be applied around people?
From FQE Chemical: It is important to keep people out of the vapor as it is being applied. Keep a 10’-20’ buffer from the discharge while applying. 
(Always refer to the manufacturer's directions for the particular chemical you are using).


Is it safe for around children and pets?
From FQE Chemical: The product is labeled to be used in hospitals as a disinfectant for operating rooms, patient care rooms, new born nurseries, orthopedics, nursing homes, doctors offices, and dentists.  
During application and while surfaces are wet, people, children and pets should be removed and kept out of the area.
(Always refer to the manufacturer's directions for the particular chemical you are using).

Where should I treat?
Special attention should be payed to common “hot spots”, high traffic areas and high touch points such as door handles, stair railings, shopping carts, store fronts, gas pumps, golf carts, or equipment.


How often should I do an application?
This will vary based on how often a surface is potentially exposed to the virus. Please refer to the CDC's instructions on cleaning and disinfecting your facility

From FQE Chemical: Under the current situation frequent applications will be most effective at protecting your customers and workers.  Heavy traffic areas with “high touch” exposure, or where large groups pass through, will need the most frequent applications. As with most real world situations, the buildup of germs and potential virus is always establishing on the surface after any treatment.   
In the current sociopolitical climate it is reasonable to expect a higher degree of confidence in workers and consumers when using the facilities when they see the efforts of your commitment.


How long is the hose?
The included hose is 25 feet. You can extend the hose, but if extending over 100 feet, we recommend adding an anti-foaming agent.


How do I attach it?
A instructional video showing you how to retro-fit your blaster with the adapter is included in your purchase. Video will be delivered via email within 2 business days of your purchase.


Is it loud?
Based on blast pot and blowdown valve adjustment, you may want to purchase a muffler to reduce noise. We suggest using a small engine muffler with 3/4” NPT thread.

These are inexpensive and readily available from a local hardware store. 


How do I sell this service?
A customized marketing flyer that describes your decontamination service is included with your purchase.

The marketing flyer will be in PDF format, and will be emailed to you within 1-2 business days.

We recommend printing it at a local office supply store, or from your home or office printer. The flyer is 8.5x11” and is double-sided.


What’s the difference between pressure washing and your equipment?
Our Corona Killer delivers vapor application which does NOT create harmful runoff to the environment or storm drains.  Our system uses pints versus 5 to 12 gallons a minute which when pressure washing is not controllable.

Also, any excess water usage is a waste of solution which costs you money.


What is "quat binding" and how do you avoid it?
By using the Vapor Adapter, you can avoid a common problem called "quat binding," which can occur when quaternary ammonium products are applied with a cloth. 

Quats are positively charged ions, and cotton and other natural textiles are negatively charged; positive attracts negative. This can drastically reduce the efficacy of such a disinfectant when applied with a cloth (source).

On the other hand, the Vapor Adapter dispenses a fine mist directly to the surface. This preserves the disinfectant's efficacy, and lets you cover a large surface area very quickly.

With any Coronavirus (COVID-19) decontamination strategy, any application needs to take into account the most current and updated guidance issued from applicable sources, including but not limited to, OSHA, EPA, and the Coronavirus Task Force, etc. Given the novel nature of Coronavirus (COVID-19), MMLJ, Inc. disclaims any and all warranties and/or representations related to any product and/or application’s effectiveness.