Where Can I Safely Blast?

Dustless Blasting and traditional sandblasting are not the same. Traditional sandblasting methods will create a dust plume that can and will travel far beyond the job site. This hazardous dust will cover everything in its path and can even find its way into the lungs of people nearby if they aren’t wearing a respiratory mask. Because of this, traditional sand blasting job sites require a large, contained area that is closed off to the general public. This makes blasting things like neighborhood homes or downtown graffiti nearly impossible.

With Dustless Blasting, using an abrasive like crushed glass, you are free to blast wherever your next project takes you. The only containment setup you might need will be to make the cleanup process easier for yourself once the blasting is finished. 

The blaster below is only working on one these boats and all he needed was a tarp to help clean up the used media!

Dustless Blasting Containment Setup

Our method differs from sandblasting by introducing water into the blast pot. With this, both the abrasive and the removed coating will be trapped by the water and grounded, resulting in a minimal dust plume. Not only will the job require less containment, but the people around the site will be able to go on with their day as normal, without having to worry about the potentially dangerous debris that would be spread with a traditional sandblaster.

Blasting with people nearby 

Workers will feel the benefit from this reduced dust plume as well. If your company offers other services on top of dustless abrasive blasting, everyone on site will be able to continue their duty as normal, regardless of how close they may need to be to the blast site. This also allows for the blaster themself to accomplish more work in less time than other methods.


You should always check your state laws and regulations to make sure you are in compliance with local ordinance. 


To learn more about Dustless Blasting check out our Ultimate Guide below!


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