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ULTRA Thick Paint Removal, Ultra Fast

Removing even the toughest paint is easy for the Dustless Blaster, but what about removing dozens of layers of hardened paint at once? It's a problem that just about any company who does any sort of painting has. Once their paint racks or hooks are covered in paint, they either need to get the paint off, or replace the racks and hooks. Paint thinner can't even begin to remove such thick paint. Sand paper or grinders aren't effective because they immediately get clogged with paint. Dustless Blasting turns out to be the perfect solution! 

You can see that the Dustless Blaster dispatched the thick paint with ease. Remarkably, even though you can eat through tough coatings, etch concrete and wood, and drill a hole right through metal if you want to, you can also do delicate work. The Dustless Blaster allows you to adjust blast pressure and media flow. Plus you can use a wide range of abrasive, and you can blast Dustless, or dry. This flexibility allows you to do so many things, and capitalize on tons of different income streams!

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