Success Story: Blast Off Mobile Dustless Blasting


We are always going on about how versatile the Dustless Blaster can be. How you can work in nearly any industry and blast almost any surface with it. We can talk about this awesome blasting method all day, but in reality we know that the "proof is in the pudding". Or in this case, the proof is in the words of someone who has actually gone out there and created a successful business for themselves already, such as Blast Off Mobile Dustless Blasting!


Blast Off Mobile Dustless Blasting works in several different industries and tends to focus on historic antique restoration. Just recently, they pulled in a job at a Railroad Museum restoring a railroad car that is over 70 years old. How cool!

I had a chance to talk with Rick Hendrix, one of the guys on the Blast Off Mobile Dustless Blasting team, about the things that lead up to him having such a successful career.

Here's what he had to say about the business:

"I'm 70 years old, originally from northeast Ohio. I’ve owned my own construction business building custom homes, strip plazas, and self standing restaurants. In the winter months I used to restore 60's muscle cars. I’ve been building and racing cars since the early 60's. We are now into our 3rd year of mobile blasting and coating. I have been around cars and car restoration much of my life. I moved to Florida 12 years ago and I stopped building 4 years ago and decided to get back into something auto related. Our speciality is cleaning boats, antique cars, and historic restoration of all kinds. We love saving history."- Rick Hendrix


How did you get started with Dustless Blasting?

"I watch a lot of the Velocity channel–I’m still involved with other car guys and still show my own cars. After traveling to Houston and using the machine I was convinced it was a business with opportunity."

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What is your favorite thing about owning a Dustless Blasting business?

"You are generally doing a different project each day and you travel to different areas and get to network your business to a lot of people."

Are you doing any marketing or advertising?

"We use our website, Facebook, Home Advisor, cold call (when we have the time), YouTube, and various local advertising such as high school sports programs, local car shows, etc."

What have you learned about the business that you’d like to share with future blasters?

"Sometimes there is a lot of prep work and logistics involved and you need to take that into consideration on every project. Sometimes the sacrifice is great, but the rewards are even greater."


For more information about Blast Off Mobile Dustless Blasting's success, click here or visit their website.

It's always interesting to me to see how people have found themselves in the Dustless Blasting line of work. How they have come to discover their career, their ability to get out there and own it, their determination to succeed. One day you are working a desk job for a meager pay and the next you are your own boss rocking it in your own business, making your own hours and achieving your goals.

Are you ready to have your own Dustless Blasting business and be successful like Rick and the rest of the Blast Off Mobile Dustless Blasting team? Learn more about starting your own business here!