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Optimize Your Operation With Dustless Blasting

It's time to become your own best vendor! You are guaranteed to save time and money by keeping your surface preparation needs in-house with Dustless Blasting. Here are a few reasons why your business would be better off with our wet blasting machines.

Easy-To-Use Equipment

blasting with machine in back

Dustless Blasting equipment isn't overly complex like other sandblasting machines. This means, once you learn how to turn it on and off, anyone can start operating without any special kind of training. We do offer free demos for those who want a hands-on experience at our facility, but it's not required. The simple design of our products also means that maintenance is easy and quick-- you can do it yourself instead of having to pay a field tech! The ability to maintain the machine yourself prevents downtime for your company and puts more money in your pocket. Maintenance parts are inexpensive and always available in our online store. This equipment is perfect for those who want more control over their work environment as well as peace-of mind when operating an industrial machine.

Efficient - Better than other methodsMark_Quote_

Put the grinder down and walk away! Dustless sandblasting equipment allows you to be several times more efficient than sanding, scraping, grinding, or even caustic chemical stripping. Our patented technology produces more mass and force than the conventional method of sandblasting. This translates to less media consumption and increased revenue. We have seen many Dustless Blasting business owners save companies from the headache of using alternative methods.

Reduce containmentblasting-graffiti-indoors

When you decide to wet blast with our equipment, containment isn't an issue on the job site! Because the emissions and debris are encapsulated and weighted down by water when wet blasting, this causes it all to fall straight to the ground - making cleanup easier than ever. We save companies from spending thousands of dollars on expensive scaffolding and containment with this process. Simply lay plastic underneath whatever you're blasting and roll up all the spent media afterwards, or blast without containment and wait for the spent media to dry. You'll then be able to clean up the spent media with an industrial vacuum.

No Shutdowns

The Dustless Blasting process is every company's dream because it suppresses dust, allowing others to continue working nearby. No longer are you having to shutdown for maintenance due to a hazardous cloud of dust caused by traditional sandblasting. Dustless Blasting also suppresses sparks and static electricity, allowing you to blast on live pipelines with no need to shut down the plant or facility.


Safe - OSHA Compliant


The use of a wet delivery system for blasting in order to suppress dust and keep workers safe is one recommendation made by OSHA. Many companies are making the switch to our Dustless Blasting products because protecting employers from hazardous dust plumes is a major priority. Another recommendation in their report is to use nontoxic abrasive blasting materials which is why our number one recommended blast media for the Dustless Blaster is 40/70 crushed glass. You can find other safety and comfort systems for blasting that OSHA recommends in our online store.

Next steps for bringing dustless blasting in-house

If you're ready to take the next step and really start optimizing your operation, here are a few options to consider doing:

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