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How Can You Go "Blasting Through The Snow"?

Posted by Jennifer on Dec 14, 2017 4:57:27 PM


Maybe not all across the states, but oddly enough across Houston and other unusual areas, snow was recently falling. Even though it's not the norm for some, there are many that ask the question, Can I blast in the winter? If you have colder temps headed your way, here are some tips from fellow Dustless Blasters about  "Blasting Through The Snow" and the winter season.

1 - At 32°F add rubbing alcohol to the water tank at roughly a 1:100 gallon ratio. The colder it is, the more alcohol you will need to add, up to 1:20 ratio. 

2- Cover the blast pot and use a space heater to keep the pot warm.

3- If you can, move inside.

4- Tent around the pot, pump and moisture separator and place a heater inside to keep warm.

5- When finished blasting be certain to empty tank and blow out hoses to keep from freezing up.

A repeated suggestion was covering the pot and having a heat source to keep things flowing.  Of course, with the Dustless Blasting pots you also have the option to blast dry.  Don't let winter slow you down, check out this blaster in Canada from Van Island Dustless Blasting.


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