Dustless Blasting ANYWHERE

Traditional sand blasting creates a plume of hazardous dust that can travel obnoxiously far from the blast site. This hazardous silica dust gets all over everything, and worse, inside the lungs of anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby without a respirator. It's not the ideal situation for a well populated area, to say the least.


Stripping a car in the middle of a neighborhood is definitely not something you could do with a dry sand blaster or soda blaster. The neighbors would throw a fit. The fire department would probably be called because people would mistake the dust plume for smoke. And the next door neighbor's 17 year old Schnauzer would probably dry heave himself to death while breathing the dusty air. 

That's where Dustless Blasting excels. The water traps the abrasive and removed coating, and grounds it. No elaborate containment is needed. To capture all of the blasting byproducts all one must do is put a sheet of plastic underneath whatever is being blasted. Read more containment tips.

Right in the customer's driveway they spread out some plastic to catch the environmentally friendly recycled glass abrasive and paint remnants. This was ideal for the customer, because he didn't need to tow it to a sand blaster, and was able to see the work being done on his classic.

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In just five hours, KC Powerclean was able to put down plastic, mask off all sensitive areas and the engine, and completely obliterate every bit of paint from this classic car.  In one afternoon the customer had a beautifully stripped, bare metal classic. Since the rust inhibitor used in the Dustless Blasting process removes all chlorides and contaminants, this car is ready to be painted. Since the metal is now an ultra-clean white metal finish, they'll be able to get that premium paint job that every car guy wants, but few achieve.