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Price List
Fire Restoration on brick home


Smoke & Soot Restoration

Don't let fire damage go untreated. Get results faster with the Dustless Blaster.

Remove Fire Damage

Remove charring, soot, and other types of residue caused by a fire.

Odor Control

Blast with sodium bicarbonate (soda blasting) to clean & deodorize simultaneously.

Repair, Don't Replace

Get homes and businesses back to their pre-fire condition.

Variety of Abrasives

Blast wet or dry with a variety of eco-friendly abrasives based on the job.

fire damaged fireplace restored
smoke and soot removed from brick
fire damage restoration
soot removal from brick building
Fire remediation on wood ceiling

Get homes & businesses back to their pre-fire condition.

Traditional methods like sanding can damage the surface further, and can rarely restore the surface back to its original condition. Dustless Blasting is a non-damaging process, and allows you to choose from a variety of eco-friendly abrasives based on the job.

Your Guarantee

With Dustless Blasting, you can offer homeowners, businesses, insurance companies, and management firms the safest and most affordable restoration solution.

“Talk with your local fire department. Most of them have a hand out packet that help people find providers of clean up services.”

Randall C.
Mobile Business Owner

“I especially like the fact that I can soda blast with this machine it's truly one tough universal blasting machine.”

Jim D.
Mobile Business Owner

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smoke and soot restoration flyer

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Learn about smoke and soot restoration with Dustless Blasting.

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Who are your potential customers?

Talk with your local fire department or disaster restoration company to see if they need blasting.

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metal wood fiberglass concrete

The Most Versatile Blast Equipment?

Auto restorers, shipyards, construction crews, and refineries are embracing Dustless Blasting.

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What else can you use this versatile tool for?

Explore more applications.

graffiti stripping from concrete wall
Graffiti Removal
painted driveway restoration
Concrete, Stone, & Brick
curb paint removed
Line Stripe & Curb Paint
powder coat removed from wheel
Powder Coat Removal
boat bottom stripping
Marine Maintenance
wood restoration with dustless blasting
Wood Restoration
Smoke and soot remediation

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