Mobile Dustless Blasters / Turn-Key Mobile Business Packages

The 2017 DB500 Mobile has everything you need to run a Mobile Paint Stripping and Cleaning business, wrapped into one nice looking package. It’s been designed to fit into a standard garage, and has a lower trailer profile for easier filling. The included marketing package gives you the sales materials you need to start generating profits quickly! 

The DB500 Mobile gives you everything you need to run a mobile blasting business in one nice package. This model has additional cargo space for carrying more abrasive or additional tools/materials you may need on the job.

This machine has all the features of the DB500 Mobile, plus a larger blast pot and a 210 CFM air compressor. This extra airflow allows you to use a larger nozzle size, which increases productivity by about 30%. You also will not need to refill the blast pot as often.

The Dual DB800 Mobile has two completely separate blasting systems which can be used by two operators simultaneously, literally doubling productivity. The giant 400 cfm compressor provides ample airflow.

The DB1500 Mobile is a high productivity machine with the capacity and air volume you need to tackle huge jobs. You can also upgrade the blast tank to a DB3000.

Compressor Ready Blasters

These three machines are identical with the exception of the run time. Approximately 30, 60 and 90 minutes with a #5 nozzle and 20 gal of water per hour. These machines have 1 ¼’ piping and should be used with a 185 cfm – 375 cfm compressor. Click on the machine for specifications.

product DB150

Replace hand tools like grinders and sanders


The DB150 is popular mostly with auto restorers and body shops. It’s our smallest and lowest price blaster with a little over 1 cubic foot capacity which, depending on pressure and abrasive flow settings, should last about 15 minutes.

Click here for specifications.

Industrial Size Blasters

These two machines are ideal for large industrial jobs. They are identical with the exception of run time. Approximately 3 hours on the DB1500 and about 6 hours on the DB3000. These machines are usually run with a 400 cfm or larger compressor and have 2″ piping.

Complete Business Package


With Our Turn-Key Business Package, You'll Work for Yourself, not by Yourself!


Our business package gives you everything you need to effectively promote your own Dustless Blasting business. With this package, you'll receive high quality marketing materials that have proven to be effective in selling your service.


This package is the quickest way to hit the ground running with your business. Click HERE to learn more about this package.


Dustless Blasting Financing Option