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The DB350® Line


Introducing the DB350® product line, the newest innovation in Dustless Blasting excellence. Boasting a unique design, compatibility with a variety of compressors, and two mobile blasting options, this cutting-edge product line stands as the industry's most versatile compact utility blasting system. Setting itself apart from other portable sandblasting systems, the DB350 is a symbol of unmatched precision and innovation.

Compressor-Ready Cart

DB350® Flex Cart

This cutting-edge product features our newest blast pot, the DB350®, mounted on an easy-to-maneuver cart, allowing for seamless mobility within a workshop. The cart design allows for effortless portability with the option of lifting the setup with a forklift for loading onto a pickup truck, making it a go-to solution for diverse sandblasting and surface preparation tasks. Tailored for shop use, the Flex Cart is equipped with an air dryer and cooler, offering the flexibility to opt for both dry blasting and wet blasting techniques. Ideal for those who already have an air compressor, this product embodies convenience, efficiency, and adaptability for a range of blasting applications.

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Our Most Portable System Yet

DB350® Mobile XS

Dustless Blasting proudly unveils its latest innovation, the smallest and most portable mobile blasting trailer yet—a true game-changer in the surface preparation industry. This compact powerhouse boasts an impressively lightweight design, making it easily towable by a variety of vehicles and perfect for navigating tight spaces that larger systems might find challenging. Beyond its exceptional portability, what sets this mobile blasting trailer apart is its affordability. Priced at $36,000, this machine is the most affordable startup business yet. With this addition to the Dustless Blasting lineup, professionals and enthusiasts alike can embrace the convenience and versatility of a mobile blasting setup for a fraction of the cost and space.  

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The Newest Abrasive Blaster

DB350® Blast Pot

Bid farewell to the hassle of maneuvering bulky machinery in tight spaces. Our newest compact and narrow design enables effortless mobility in any workshop or job site. With its sleek and space-saving construction, you can easily store and load the pot into even the most confined areas. The DB350® combines a compact design and traditional Dustless Blasting power with an operating pressure range of 30-150 PSI, ensuring highly efficient surface preparation. Plus, this designs offers the perfect balance of portability and power with 45 minutes of blast time, guaranteeing optimal performance for every task at hand.

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Coming Soon_Icon-1Dual DB350®

Introducing Dustless Blasting's latest breakthrough in mobile surface preparation—the DB350® Dual mobile blasting trailer. This compact powerhouse features not one but two DB350 blast pots, unlocking unparalleled dual blasting capabilities on a single, easy-to-tow trailer. Designed for versatility, this Mini Dual is ideal for navigating tight spaces where larger systems may struggle to operate efficiently. What sets this machine apart is the ability to choose between the two blast pots—one dedicated to dry blasting and the other to wet blasting—offering operators the flexibility to tailor their approach to the specific needs of a project. With this innovative solution, Dustless Blasting continues to redefine mobile blasting, providing professionals with a compact, dual-functionality trailer that delivers exceptional results.

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