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Write a rock solid business description in 5 minutes

Why does it matter?
As a mobile business startup, you won't have any of the traditional real estate overhead of a brick and mortar business. And you can take the business wherever the demand is, increasing your potential for revenue. These are just a few of the reasons that contractors love being in the blasting business. But, since you don't have a physical storefront, it's important to make a good first impression with your branding. 

What is branding?
Branding includes things like your business name, logo, colors, and anything else that helps represent your business. Today we're focusing on a business description.

How long should a description be?
Keep it short and to the point, no more than 1-2 sentences. 

What should a business description include?
Your description should include only what is most important to you and your customers. Let your work do the rest of the talking. 

Where do I put a business description?
This can be used anywhere your customers could find you: on a website, on social media, or even on a flyer or business card. 


Need ideas?

Here's an exercise to come up with a rock solid business description.

First, pick one keyword: 

  • quality
  • professional
  • fast
  • the best
  • affordable
  • mobile
  • convenient
  • trusted
  • eco-friendly
  • heavy-duty
  • local

Then, plug the keyword into the template that you like best: 

  • Your trusted source for ______________ blasting. 
  • Get the job done right with ______________ restoration services. 
  • Introducing the trusted professionals for ______________ sandblasting. 
  • No job too tough. Hire a ______________ blaster and get your project done today
  • Trust the ______________ experts for your rust and coating removal. 


Do you have questions about branding and marketing for a blasting startup?
Expert advice is just a call away! 

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