Video: Wood Restoration with Dustless Blasting®!

If you need to remove paint or any other coating from wood, do we have a tool for you! Dustless Blasting restores wood to its original appearance faster than any other tool on the market!

Dustless Blasting can remove:

• Paint • Epoxy • Lacquer • Shellac • Varnish

• Wax • Acrylic Paint • Alkyd • Polyurethane

...and more!

Hand sanding is hard, time consuming work. Plus, it's hard to get into cracks and sand around detail work with sand paper. The Dustless Blasting machine reaches into every nook and cranny, leaving fresh new wood underneath. Check out the video below!


Even 100 year old barn wood looks like new after Dustless Blasting! Wood restoration is one of the many income streams that Dustless Blasting business owners are profiting from.

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