Texturing and Etching Granite

Last week Mark and Carrie flew in to Houston with several challenges for the Dustless Blaster! They do stone repair and refinishing, and needed a way to give smooth granite a "rough" texture. They also wanted to make a certain type of granite look like wood grain. Using crushed recycled bottle glass, Mark blasted his tiles and was able to achieve the exact finishes he was hoping for! Watch the video below!

The Dustless Blaster was able to texturize all of the granite samples they brought, including the "black absolute", which is apparently one of the hardest granites in the world. We also gave one of the samples a wood like feeling and texture, by blasting with the natural "grain" of the granite. 

Using a thin metal template which was cut on a CNC machine, we etched the Dustless Blasting logo into one of the black absolute granite samples. Etching can be a great income stream, because many businesses and communities are willing to pay to have their logo etched into walkways, slabs, tiles and buildings.

Now, Mark and Carrie can offer these additional services, which means they'll make additional money!

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