Simplifying Surface Preparation with Dustless Blasting

If your surface preparation method is the problem, then Dustless Blasting is the solution. What is surface preparation anyway? Simply put it is preparing a surface for a coating in a way that allows the coating to best adhere. Many techniques can be used and a few examples would be scraping, grinding, or sanding. All of which are effective methods, yet they require many man hours and that could cause a potential delay in the finishing process. 

It is general knowledge that a surfaces profile will determine how well a coating sufficiently adheres. NACE International, (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) is The Worldwide Corrosion Authority and SSPC, The Society for Protective Coatings have the Joint Surface Preparation Standards and here are a few potential job specifications:

White Metal Blast (NACE #1/SSPC.SP5) - Clean to Bare Substrate

Commercial Blast (NACE #3/SSPC.SP6) -Thorough Cleaning

Brush Off Blast (NACE #4/SSPC.SP7) - Light Cleaning

Near White Blast (NACE #2/SSPC.SP10) - Very Thorough Cleaning

Watch a video that explains these different surface preparation standards

The above mentioned blasts cover a wide range of surface cleaning, so how does Dustless Blasting help? Well, with Dustless Blasting you can actually meet all of those blasts with the same machine.


We have made the process simple for you. Our machines eliminate the extra man hours and increase efficiency for surface preparation because of the following benefits:

Water - our machines use water in the blast pot which creates mass when mixed with the abrasive. Not only do you consume 1/3 less abrasive than dry blasting, and you get the same amount of work done and there is no plume of dust or use of harsh chemicals. 

Nozzle control - for maximum productivity you have the perfect nozzle attachment giving you flow control capable of increased abrasive velocity while reducing abrasive cost.

Blast pattern and pressure - varies based with each application, but with our machine you arm yourself to be able to cut through coating material in a fraction of the time it would take to do by other means. 

Show everyone that you not only have the best tool in the industry but you are prepared to meet surface prep standards and skillfully get the job done! 

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