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Paint Removal From a Stone Fireplace

Stone walls and stone fireplaces are a beautiful feature that can add an upscale, cozy and natural feeling to a home. But the natural stone look isn't for everyone, apparently. Some folks don't like the look of stone, and opt to cover it with paint.

This is what happened to a home in Punta Gorda, FL, and Rick from Blast Off Mobile Dustless Blasting came to the rescue! Using his DB500 Mobile, Rick was able to remove all of the latex paint from the stone, in about 5 hours of blasting. Check out the video below!


The Dustless Blaster is so versatile, you can use various types of abrasive, various blasting pressures, and you can blast with or without water in the system! This gives you the flexibility to handle a wide range of paint removal and surface preparation jobs!

Download the Profit & Loss Case Study on this job!

Stone restoration is a huge challenge for a traditional sandblaster, because they can easily cause etching and damage to stone and masonry. It's one of the many reasons that Dustless Blasting is the FUTURE of Surface Preparation™!

Stone wall before paint removal Natural stone wall after latex paint removal

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