Dustless Blasting: A Versatile Machine for Your Versatile Business

If you're in the business of restoration or thinking about taking the plunge, there's no better tool to create a one-stop shop with than a dustless blaster.

Picture this: a client calls you to take a look at an old, historic building they want you to restore. You walk in and see graffiti-covered walls, rusted metal structures, and grime-filled cracks in the masonry. You may start to search all the different tools, supplies, or outside contractors you'd need to assemble to successfully restore all of the surfaces on the property. But what if there was an easier way? With Dustless Blasting, there is.

Every type of surface requires its own inspection, care, and blast method. Unlike traditional pressure washing, Dustless Blasting offers unique versatility that suits almost any job. Because a dustless blaster is designed to wet, dry, and soda blast in one machine, you're able to adjust your machine to best suit your surface preparation goal. Want to see how the machine works? Check out this video. 

Building Restoration Made Easy

In this video, we can see how one Dustless Blasting business prepped an entire old, rundown building to be turned into luxury lofts with his DB500 mobile machine. Talk about efficiency!

Let's take a deeper look at some of the top applications he restored with his Dustless Blasting machine.


Masonry is a term typically used to describe building something with individual units bound in mortar. The term is also used to reference units of brick, marble stone, granite, cinder blocks, and more. Maintaining the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of masonry surfaces is crucial for buildings, monuments, and historical structures. Dustless Blasting products offer an effective solution for masonry cleaning by gently removing grime, dirt, paint, and other unwanted substances without causing damage to the underlying surface. The adjustable pressure and flow rate allow operators to cater to the specific needs of different masonry materials to ensure efficient and thorough cleaning.

restoring masonry with a dustless blaster

Click here to see how one operator blasted years-old white paint from a brick house with ease.

Graffiti Removal

When removing graffiti during a building renovation, the operators have to take into account paint removal efficiency as well as protecting the blasted surface. Take a look at this case study to see the story of how one Dustless Blasting business quickly removed an unsightly graffiti stain from a historical bridge wall. His choice to wet blast with 40/70 crushed glass and the DB800 Mobile XL made easy work of an otherwise tedious and long process of paint removal from delicate stone.

blasting graffiti from a bridge dustless blasting

The versatility of dustless blasting equipment in a commercial, city, or residential application allows for precise control over the blasting process, ensuring optimal results without damaging the underlying surfaces.


Wood and building restoration projects require a delicate touch to preserve the original beauty and structural integrity. With this delicate application, it's recommended you select a softer media to help prevent etch. These softer abrasives, such as corn cob, coupled with the power of a dustless blaster can remove old paint, stains, varnishes, and even weathered wood fibers, providing a clean and smooth surface for refinishing or restoration. 

wood restoration on a garage

Containment and Cleanup

It's especially advantageous to wet blast in an interior to contain spent media to one area. With any form of media blasting, there is some type of containment and cleanup involved. Because the water contains almost all of the dust from the blast process, there is no need for excessive zoning in the work area. With the proper safety precautions in place i.e. hearing and eye protection, you can have multiple contractors in one room at a time for maximum restoration efficiency. 

Learn more about proper containment and cleanup here.

A One-Stop Shop:

One of the key advantages of using a dustless blasting machine is its versatility. With the ability to adapt to different surface materials and applications, it serves as a comprehensive solution for various projects. From masonry cleaning to graffiti removal and wood in building restoration, a single dustless blasting machine can handle diverse tasks efficiently, saving time and resources. This versatility makes it an invaluable asset for contractors, restoration professionals, and property owners alike.

Ever thought about where to find new restoration projects? Check out the resource below to find high-paying jobs and loyal customers from Dustless Blasting business owner veterans.


business is out there


Dustless Blasting machines have revolutionized the way we approach surface preparation, cleaning, and restoration projects. By combining the power of compressed air, water, and abrasive material, these machines provide a safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for masonry cleaning, graffiti removal, wood, and more. With the ability to cater to multiple applications, Dustless Blasting machines truly embodies the concept of a one-stop shop, offering versatility, quality results, and improved efficiency in a variety of industries. Embrace the power of Dustless Blasting and unlock a new level of cleaning and restoration potential for your projects.

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