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Log Home Looks New After Dustless Blasting!

This week the owner of this log home in Pennsylvania gave Gordon's Dustless Blasting a call. It's a beautiful home with a beautiful view, but after years of exposure to the elements, one side of this home was suffering from some unsightly weathering.

Log Home Blasting

After searching for a solution, the homeowner found Gordon's Dustless Blasting and hired him to do the job! Gordon showed up with his DB500 Mobile, and got ready to work. 


After taping off the windows and other sensitive areas, Gordon got to work with his DB500 Mobile!

Even the toughest epoxies are no problem for the Dustless Blaster, so simple weathering came off with no trouble at all. Learn more about wood restoration with the Dustless Blaster.


Pretty soon, the once dingy looking wall was looking like brand new! Here's what Gordon had to say about the whole thing: "Of course we can do log homes! This home had a little bit of weathering on one side until we came along! Our process is faster, cleaner, and greener than any other form of media blasting."

If you need restoration or paint removal near New Brighton, Pennsylvania, be sure to check out Gordon's Dustless Blasting!



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