Infographic: Why Mobile Paint Stripping & Cleaning?


infographic why mobile paint stripping-02Dustless Blasting is pioneering a brand new industry — mobile paint stripping and cleaning. With versatile equipment that is made to move, you can offer a wide variety of onsite services that traditional sandblasters simply cannot. 

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Here are 7 reasons why this business is the best choice for you.

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The paint stripping and cleaning industry is valued at over $10 billion dollars annually with strong year-over-year growth.

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Everything in the world is painted, rusty, or dirty. Now that there is a mobile system to get to any job site, the demand is everywhere.

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You can start this business for under $50,000 — that's less than some pickup trucks.

And unlike a pickup truck, your mobile Dustless Blasting machine comes with everything you need to make $300/hour. When you invest in your success, you'll find that it pays off quickly. 

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Link: Dustless Blasting Price List

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Whether you want to be fully operational in days, or take your time doing research, we're ready when you are.

Most of our equipment has no lead time, and can be picked up the same day it is paid for.

Compare this to the mandatory training periods of some traditional franchises.

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Blog Post: Dustless Blasting vs. Franchising

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If you start to get more business than you can handle, scaling up is simply a matter of buying another machine, teaching someone how to use it, and sending them off to do the jobs you can’t.

It's easy to add trailers and crew as your business grows.

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(Example based on blasting for under 20 hours/week)

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Luckily for you, abrasive, water, and fuel are pretty cheap.

That being said, you are offering your customer a premium service, so you can charge accordingly.

Remember, you are offering your customer the convenience of coming to their location. Plus, you are using specialized equipment that they don't have access to (we don't rent out Dustless Blasting equipment). Finally, you are saving them money by offering the option to restore, rather than replace, an item.

When you think about it, the high margins make a lot of sense. 

Example Job: Stripping a 54' Viking Yacht

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Case Study: 54' Viking Yacht

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We give you the brand recognition, community and marketing support of a franchise — without any fees.

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