Dustless Blasting Has The Right Tool For Your Success

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Making sure you have the right tools in your toolbox means when a project comes up, you are able to tackle that job quickly and efficiently.  Dustless Blasting machines are tools. With our mobile ready units, each tool is tailored to specific job markets. Success within those markets can easily be achieved by reaching into your toolbox. Lets take a look at your mobile ready tool options.

Trailer Mounted Mobile Machines

DB500 Mobile S or DB500 Mobile XL- The DB500 has a 5 cubic foot capacity with 60 minutes of blast time per fill. It is the perfect tool for tackling small to medium sized projects, including residential and light commercial jobs. The difference between the S and the XL mobile unit is the trailer size. The S trailer is small enough to fit inside a standard garage and the XL offers room for a pallet of material as well as storage for job supplies.

DB800 Mobile - The DB800 has an 8 cubic foot capacity with 90 minutes of blast time per fill. It is 35-40% more productive than the DB500 series. It is ideal for commercial, municipal and industrial work.

Dual DB800 Mobile - The Dual DB800 has two DB800 blast tanks which can be run simultaneously by two different operators, doubling productivity. Combined, they have a 16 cubic foot capacity with 3 hours of blast time.  This machine is ideal for heavy industrial work. 

DB1500 Mobile - The DB1500 has a 15 cubic foot capacity with 3-6 hours of blast time per fill. This machine is 33% more productive than the DB800 and is reserved for heavy industrial use.

DB3000 Mobile - The DB3000 has a 30 cubic foot capacity with 6-8 hours of blast time per fill. This is a high productivity machine ideal for large scale projects.

Once you identify your customer base you can decide which tool will give you success in your industry.  Success is achieved by a job well done. Mark Hunter said, "It's not about having the right opportunities, it's about handling the opportunities right". You can successfully handle the opportunities before you with the right tool for the job. Do you have the right tools in your toolbox? 

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