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Video: Antifouling Paint Removal and Hull Maintenance!

Hull maintenance is an inevitable part of boat ownership. When it's time to remove aging antifouling paint from your fiberglass boat, the Dustless Blaster is the ideal tool! Dustless Blasting is the most versatile blasting equipment in the industry! This is because you have complete control over what abrasive you use, the blast pressure, and whether you blast Dustless (with water), or dry. 

Abrasive type and pressure can be adjusted to tackle just about any job. That means that in addition to antifouling paint removal from fiberglass hulls, you can also remove the heaviest marine growth and corrosion with ease! Even barnacles are no match! Check out our new marine TV commercial below:


With Dustless Blasting, you can remove any coating from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, wood and more!

Dustless Blasting is fundamentally different from traditional sand blasting! Our process mixes water with the abrasive. Since water has more mass and does not compress like air does, the Dustless Blaster is more powerful and faster than dry blasting systems! Plus the abrasive and coatings removed are trapped in water and grounded, rather than blowing everywhere. This keeps other boats in the marina clean, and allows others to continue working nearby.

To see if Dustless Blasting is a viable option for your boat or marina, check out our case study below!

Click Here to see the Profit and Loss of Dustless Blasting this 54' Viking Yacht!