Dustless Blasting®

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Dustless Blasting is a common-sense business that puts your money to work for you.


A simple business that anyone can start.

Remove old coatings to make things look new again.

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It's time to stop making money for someone else.

Now more than ever, it's important to be in control of your future. Owning a business could be the fresh start you're looking for. 



Limitless applications and industries.

Everything in the world is painted, rusty, or dirty.  The mobile paint stripping and cleaning service is a brand new untapped market with A LOT of revenue streams.



Just approaching 6 months [in business] and already approaching $135k-$145k. I believe based on my numbers and how busy we are we should pass quarter mil our first year.

Patrick G, Business Owner


I have 3 Blasting Rigs Now and really enjoy what I do...All hard work and time to get where I’m at today and still working on growing the business and learning. I am able to provide for my family during these times and am grateful.

Brettly O, Business Owner


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