Pinch Hose Maintenance

The Pinch Hose is a crucial part of your blaster's operating system, and what stops the machine from blasting. It is designed to be an inexpensive and easy to replace wear part. Where other systems have a complicated, costly, proprietary part that is difficult to replace, we have only an 18 inch section of blast hose. The pinch hose should be rotated and visually inspected regularly, and should be replaced at the first signs of wear.


The video to the right will show you how to maintain and replace the pinch hose properly.

Dustless Blasting

Dustless Blasting

Another great feature this operating system offers is that you can continue blasting even if the pinch hose fails and you are stuck without any replacements. Simply attach the blast hose directly to the outlet coupling, and blast that way until a replacement hose can be acquired. This should only be done as a last option, however. You should never use the pinch hose until it is allowed to fail, and you should always have replacements ready. Your machine will come with 3 extra replacements, and you can buy new pinch hoses directly from us, of from anywhere blast hose is sold.


If you want written and printable instructions, they can be downloaded HERE.