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What abrasive can I use?

There are many different abrasives on the market. This is because there are so many different applications!
Sometimes different abrasives are available simply based on geography. We often recommend to use what is cheap and readily available to you.

The Dustless Blaster offers a great amount of control and flexibility. You can control the blasting results in several different ways.

  • Blasting abrasive

  • Air pressure

  • Distance from the surface you are blasting  

Blasting Abrasive: Think of blasting in very simple terms. You are throwing something. The denser/harder the object you are throwing, the more aggressive it will be. For instance a golf ball and a ping pong ball are the same size, but different densities. Same as a volley ball and a bowling ball! Now think about how hard you are going to throw it.

Air Pressure: Air pressure or PSI is how hard we are throwing the abrasive. The harder we throw the golf ball (150 psi), the more it hurts! We can be very gentle by softly tossing a ping pong ball (30 psi). The harder the substrate and coating the more aggressive you will want to be!

Distance from the surface you are blasting: This is very simple and will come naturally. The further from the surface you are blasting the greater the energy will dissipate. For example cleaning graffiti from a wall you might be 2-5 feet away from the surface. Removing 80 mil of tank liner you might only be 4-10 inches from the surface.

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