Dustless Blasters are the perfect tool for offshore, as the efficient blasting ensures no down time for the rig, a safe environment for workers, and the world's best removal process.


The Dustless Blasting process produces no sparks, which is critical on an oil rig. The contained nature of the blasting also means that nearby workers remain unaffected by the process.


Keeping a rig up and running is of vital importance to owners and is something pioneered by the Dustless Blaster. The blasting is quick and highly effective, thus requiring no shut down of the rig.


With legal developments about our impact on the environment, particularly in regard to rigs, you can rest easy knowing that Dustless Blasting is in compliance with environmental regulations.

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Effective and Efficient

Dustless Blasting's unique mixture of water and abrasive makes it safer and more productive than other methods.

Case Study

Offshore Oil Rig

Objective: Remove all paint

Substrate: Steel

Media: Garnet

Surface Prep Standard: SP-10 near white metal finish

Profile Achieved: 3 mil

Paint Thickness: 22 mil

Paint Type: Epoxy

Blasting Speed: 5 ft² per minute

Media Consumption: 300 lbs per hr

Nozzle Size: #7

Air Pressure: 150 psi

Compressor: 375 CFM High Pressure

Equipment: DB1500

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Are you ready to be more efficient, cost-effective and quicker in removing rust, paint, debris and other contaminents for the offshore industry?