May 23 – 29

Tax savings on every single purchase.

Save on blast equipment, parts from the online store, marketing packages, and more.

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MAY 23 – 29 ONLY

+ FREE Rust Inhibitor with all equipment!


How do I get my free Rust Inhibitor? 

Buying Online

Simply add the Rust Inhibitor to your cart, and it will be automatically discounted at checkout. 

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Getting a Quote

Just mention the sale to us when you get a quote and we’ll add your free Rust Inhibitor.

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* Save the Tax Sale is valid in United States only. Sales tax varies by state, but we will discount the total price by sales tax amount when applicable. The discount amount is based on your state and local tax rate, which may vary or not apply. 

In the examples above, we are using New Orleans, Louisiana to calculate the sales tax rate (9.45%). 

Free Rust Inhibitor offer is valid worldwide. Customer must pay shipping on Rust Inhibitor.