Allows you to dry blast or soda blast, adding revenue streams to your business. 


A major problem in blasting operations is moisture in compressed air.

It often clogs blasting pots, and decreases the quality of the blasted substrate by putting moisture back on the surface.

To help eliminate this problem, MMLJ has designed a heavy duty moisture and oil separator which cools, cleans, and dries the discharged air.

With two stage filtration, cyclone separation, and residual filtration, the moisture trap is exceptionally efficient while assuring minimal pressure drop.

Traditional industrial air dryers are low volume, low pressure systems that are located at the air compressor. After dry compressed air travels through several yards of pipe, the air condenses again and water collects at the air drop. Our system removes water at the drop, reducing potential wear on tools.


  • Cools, cleans, and dries air up to 1500CFM at 150 PSI

  • Air is cooled within 4° of ambient temp

  • Air is oil and moisture free

  • Skid mounted for easy transportation

  • Can be powered by any 12V min 6 amp power source


  • Dimensions: 48" L x 31" W x 48" H

  • Weight: 317 lb

  • Fan Power Consumption:
    12V and 6 amps/hour

  • 1500 CFM Capable Water Trap

  • Moisture Separator

  • 1 1/4 Air Inlet and Discharge

  • 0–300 PSI gauge

  • 1 1/4 Shut off valve

  • 1/4” Moisture Drain

  • 10’ Battery Cables

Clean, dry air when you need it most.