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I've been blasting now for over two years with my DB225 and every time I blast I enjoy watching the faces of my customers when they see how fast paint or rust can be removed. I especially like the fact that I can soda blast with this machine it's truly one tough universal blasting machine."

Jim Downey

Dustless Blasting Owner

Fantastic craftsmanship, superior customer service. I purchased a DB500 mobile unit on 11/22/2016 and they where more than happy to teach us how to use the machine, set it up, and gave us some seriously good pointers on how to operate it and even expand our business. Thank you all at MMLJ for your expert craftsmanship and superior customer service.

Steven Blair

Blast Masters of Tennessee

It's the real deal! Never have I seen paint, powder coating and even chrome get stripped as fast as it did. Dustless Blasting is truly a step into the future, and being built by MMLJ, a company celebrating a 75th year anniversary, they're definitely doing something right and it's an honor to own a piece of their equipment. Great job guys. Thank you again!"

Todd Caputo

Dustless Blasting Owner

This machine made this job easy and profitable. I couldn't have done this fish hatchery in the time needed without this tool."

Tim Finnegan


It is the most efficient and effective way to renew anything..."

Mario Martinez

Houston Dustless Blasting

Dropped by the shop to check out the unit before making my decision what unit to purchase. It's the easiest unit I've ever used. Great people and a Great product."

James Kennett

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