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Interrupting your refinery's operations is both a hassle and detrimental to your company. With Dustless Blasting, you won't have to worry about a thing.


The water in our system suppresses dust, sparks, and static electricity, making it far safer than traditional dry blasting, and maintaining a healthy environment for your workers.

No Plant Shutdown

Dustless Blasting will not affect your day to day operations. The ability to perform refinery maintenance quickly and efficientlwithout having to shut down plant operations is invaluable.

Clean and Efficient

Quickly remove paint, primer, and any other type of coating, while also removing rust, grease, and any other contaminants that are present, in one easy step.

It works hard so you don't have to.

Dustless Blasting has proven time and again that it is up to any challenge. Take a look at how the world's most powerful tool for restoration will help you in refineries.

Case Study

Refinery Restoration

Objective: Remove all paint and oil from surface

Challenges: No sparks, plant shut down, or hazardous waste stream

Substrate: Aluminum, brass, steel, cast iron

Media: Medium Grade Recycled Bottle Glass

Surface Prep Standard: SP-5 White Metal Finish

Profile Achieved: 2.5 Mil

Paint Thickness: 25 mil

Paint Type: Epoxy

Media Consumption: 250 lbs per hr. 

Nozzle Size: #6

Air Pressure: 135 psi

Compressor: 210 High Pressure

Equipment: DB500

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Are you ready to make refinery cleaning easier, quicker and more efficient?