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The Dustless Blaster is the safest and most efficient tool for maintaining, restoring and cleaning your marine vessel. Take the hassle out of hull maintenence.

No Dust Plume

Our process uses water which traps the blast media, preventing residue from releasing into the air. This keeps surrounding areas clean and free from mess, as well as ensuring a safe workplace for any other nearby workers.

Handle any Coating

Dustless Blasting's process uses a mixture of water and abrasive to ensure that whether you're working with steel, aluminum or fiberglass, you won't warp the material and you will produce an ideal profile.

Eco Friendly

New government standards are being implemented and the need to be safe for the environment has increased. With our eco friendly process, you can be sure you're complying with EPA and DEQ Environmental Standards.

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Safe for any Substrate

Our process works on any substrate, leaving the ideal profile for your vessel. Best of all, you can say goodbye to sanding and harsh chemicals






Case Study

55' Coast Guard Vessel

Objective: Remove all paint from the Wheelhouse down

Substrate: Aluminum

Media: Medium Grade Recycled Bottle Glass

Surface Prep Standard: SP-5 White Metal Finish

Profile Achieved: 2.5 Mil

Paint Thickness: 18 Mil

Paint Type: 2 Part Epoxy

Blasting Speed: 3 feet³ per minute

Media Consumption: 200 lbs per hr.

Nozzle Size: #5

Air Pressure: 150 psi

Compressor: 210 High Pressure

Equipment: DB500

Are you ready to be more efficient, cost-effective, and quicker in your marine vessel restoration?