removing graffiti from brick wall

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti plagues every community and can greatly diminish property values. Dustless Blasting can quickly and safely restore the site to its intended beauty.

Safe for Surfaces

Our machine is easily adjustable, making it ideal for cleaning a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, wood, and more. 


By eliminating the plume of dust, you can work safely in almost any urban environment.

Quick & Complete

Easily and completely remove graffiti, while ensuring that the underlying surface is undamaged and restored.

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  • removing graffiti from brick wall
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See it in action

Watch how quickly and effectively Dustless Blasting removes graffiti from various surfaces, as well as the benefits over other removal methods.

Case Study

Stone Wall Restoration

stone before and after 2.jpg
stone before and after.jpg

Objective: Remove unwanted paint from stone wall

Substrate: Stone

Abrasive Type: Crushed Glass

Bags of Media: 20

Paint Type: Latex

Air Pressure: 100 psi

Compressor: 185CFM Air Delivery

Equipment: DB500 Mobile

Total Blast Time: 5 Hours

Our Machine is so versatile, there is no end to what you can do."

Rick Hendrix

Blast off Mobile Blasting

Are you ready to be more efficient, cost-effective and quicker in removing graffiti and other unwanted surface problems?