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Fleet Vehicles

Keeping fleet vehicles up to date and looking their best can be expensive and time consuming. Learn how Dustless Blasting will be your #1 tool for paint stripping, with no elbow grease required!

Saves Time

Fleet vehicles constantly update their displays, and removing decals or paint can become time consuming. Dustless Blasting is the quickest way to safely remove old displays and prep for updates.

No Warping

The water in our process reduces friction and heat, which means that the aluminum siding of your fleet vehicle will not warp or bend, unlike using other blasting methods. 

Clean and Efficient

Unlike the mess left by chemical stripping, or the damage to your vehicle with sandblasting, Dustless Blasting is easy to clean up, and even gets around rivets and other hard to reach places.


Our customers are continuing to find that Dustless Blasting makes their work easier, quicker and far more efficient.

Stripped these rigs in 5 hours each. Removing two wraps and a paint job over top of them...Cuts like butter, even on fiberglass."

Clean Works Mobile Blasting Services

Las Vegas, Nevada

It took me 3 days to strip a 53' trailer. I had to take all the decals off it first, wash it down, get all the adhesive off it...It was brutal! With Dustless Blasting, you can do that in 4 hours."

Clean Works Mobile Blasting Services

Las Vegas, Nevada

See it in action

Watch how easily the Dustless Blaster removes the unwanted layers of paint and decals from these fleet vehicles.
Are you ready to make fleet vehicle restoration easier, quicker and more efficent?