More power and a new look! This refreshed DB500® trailer combination is purpose built to provide unprecedented performance. 

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250 CFM Air Compressor

Powerful. Portable. And a perfect partner to the DB500® blast pot. This 250 CFM compressor optimizes production rates and performance. It's controlled pressure technology gives you the flexibility to tune your machine to a wider range of applications.


The DB500®

Backed by the most popular blast pot in our line up, you can confidentially tackle a wide variety of jobs in the surface restoration industry. The DB500® gives you 60 minutes of blast time per fill and holds 200 pounds of abrasive materials.


New Trailer Layout

Expertly crafted for convenience and safety, The DB500 MXL offers a redesigned trailer that prioritizes efficiency. The new layout also allows blasters to store additional equipment like wheelbarrows, pressure washers and cleanup materials at the front of the unit.


RPB Nova 3 Kit Inclusion

The Nova 3 completely revolutionized the abrasive blasting experience with the world’s most comfortable blasting respirator. This complete starter kit is essential, which is why we have paired it with The DB500® MXL Phantom.


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