Important Information for Prospective Business Owners

Before you register your company name or create marketing materials with a third party vendor, please carefully review the following policy. 

Our current policy is as follows:

Service providers using genuine MMLJ equipment may use the trademark Dustless Blasting® or any other MMLJ word mark (but not the Logo or other MMLJ-owned graphic symbol/logo) in a referential phrase on promotional/advertising materials to describe that the service is being undertaken using genuine MMLJ products, provided they comply with the following requirements:

  1. The MMLJ word mark, and/or the phrase "Dustless Blasting," is not part of the business name or other non-MMLJ products. For more clarification and information about naming your business, click here
  2. The MMLJ word mark, and/or the phrase "Dustless Blasting," is used in a referential phrase such as “We use authentic DUSTLESS BLASTING® brand equipment to perform our surface preparation services”.
  3. The MMLJ word mark, and/or the phrase "Dustless Blasting," appears less prominent than the name used by the service provider, and no more prominent than the surrounding text.
  4. The service provider is in fact a genuine user of the referenced MMLJ/Dustless Blasting product.
  5. The reference to MMLJ/Dustless Blasting does not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with MMLJ or MMLJ products or services.
  6. The use does not show MMLJ/Dustless Blasting or its products in a false or derogatory light.

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