Automotive Stripping: It Doesn't Have To Be Complicated.

October 5, 2017


In the automotive prep and paint industry,  the understanding is that paintwork on a car makes the first impression. The finished product needs to be top quality. That's easier for a new car rolling off the assembly line but how does a body shop get that same result on an old or repaired vehicle? It all starts with surface preparation and it doesn't have to be complicated. Dustless Blasting has solved the old and outdated, multiple steps, multiple days process that traditional methods require.

Auto restoration and repair shops see the value in the solution that Dustless Blasting brings to surface preparation. Dustless Blasting can handle in a few hours what would normally take a few days. 

Sanding: can leave scratches and sanding pattern imperfections

Chemical Strippers: can take multiple applications to complete and can create blisters in the finished paint when remnants get trapped in primer 

Scraping: can create gouges and scarring 

On the other hand, Dustless Blasting leaves a clean metal surface, ready for primer. KC Mathieu, Gas Monkey Paint Specialist, said "it would be days on days of us trying to clear all of the rust off of this car, but our good friend Johnny is going to knock it out for us". Check out the featured Dustless Blasting contractor on Fast N' Loud as he successfully strips this '63 Falcon. 


Surface preparation doesn't have to be complicated. Dustless Blasting is versatile, reliable, easy to operate, fast and efficient.


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