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Contractor Spotlight: Houston Dustless Blasting, LLC

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At Dustless Blasting we believe there are 4 steps to starting your own business so you can start living the American dream. Because we are passionate about people being in business for themselves, we like to share stories about contractors that have gotten started and are excited about their Dustless Blasting future.

We recently had the chance to speak to Glen Fichardt with Houston Dustless Blasting, LLC.  Glen purchased a DB500 Mobile earlier this year after witnessing the advantages and benefits of the machine in the construction industry. The company he was working for had a project that required media blasting and after a few failed attempts with other methods,  a Dustless Blasting machine was rented and the results spoke for themselves.  Never forgetting how useful the machine was, Glen knew the potential that was out there for the machine and he decided to go into business for himself.

Glen was ready and hit the ground running with his DB500 Mobile. On his 2nd day in business he was contacted by a local business that saw his Google Ad and was asked to do a demo for a large project. Once again the results spoke for themselves and he was awarded a contract. As a preferred contractor with Dustless Blasting, he also received a lead for a local museum that called into our office looking to have work done.  He is staying busy working other large scale projects and bids and says he knows his company shows real potential. 

Glen has started living the American dream and is excited about the way things are going. He gets great response from Google Ads, is active on Facebook, and on his website.  He has quite a few large projects under contract and has no trouble finding smaller jobs in between. Most projects, large or small are bid at a flat rate and he is confident that he will break even after only 4 months in business. Looking ahead, Glen is already planning on purchasing an additional machine to grow his business. We hope you are inspired by Glen's hard work and dedication to his business and our machine that he believes in. We would like to thank Glen for his time and look forward to hearing about his continued success. 

Check out our website and consider for yourself how the advantages and benefits of Dustless Blasting can improve service in your industry.  With Dustless Blasting, you can invest in yourself and live your dream.  

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