VIDEO: Marine Veteran upgrades his Blasting and Painting Business!

Wirt is a former marine who has over 17 years of experience blasting and painting bridges. After seeing a video of Dustless Blasting on Facebook, Wirt was very skeptical, but decided to do a little more research. As he looked into Dustless Blasting further, he started to see major benefits over traditional dry blasting, and eventually purchased a DB500 Mobile for his business. Watch the video below to see what Wirt had to say. 



nbtjune30.jpgWirt picked up and tested the Dustless Blasting machine on rust, wood, mill scale, paint and multiple layers of epoxy primer from a paint rack. Everything came off smoothly, and Wirt was excited about his new tool. If you need blasting in the Cattaraugus, New York area, give him a call!

Have a wonderful week, and a safe and happy Independence day! 

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