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Summer Tips: How to Stay Cool while Abrasive Blasting


Summertime is a busy season for blasting. Some of our contractors tell us that they're booked for weeks! Wondering how they can keep up with all that work during the heat of the summer? Comfort Systems are the key.

Wear your own personal air conditioner with the RPB® Nova 3®.


  • The built in climate control heats air by up to 33°F or cools it by up to 52°F. 
  • The noise-insulating helmet allows you to wear earbuds, so you can listen to music or take calls while you work.
  • Tear-off lenses can be removed quickly without having to take the whole helmet off.   
  • Weightless design fits like a motorcycle helmet. You can even dial in a custom fit with ratchet adjustable helmet padding.

Our contractors say it makes a big difference in comfort!

"If you haven't bought the Nova 3 system yet, you should. The thing is awesome, cool fresh air, no fogged mask, great view and very comfortable. Why did I wait so long?"
— Gary A, Business Owner

"Nova 3 is worth its weight in gold."
— Rob L, Business Owner

"I just picked mine up. It is a heck of an investment. Worth every dollar."
— Travis G, Business Owner


Fight against heat stress with a cool vest.

By reducing your core body temperature, a cooling vest provides all-over relief from hot & humid outdoor conditions.


  • The vest remains at a constant 55°F for hours of cooling relief.
  • Does not feel wet against skin — no condensation.
  • Cooling packs can be recharged in just 20 minutes by submerging in ice water,.
  • At only 6.5 lbs, the lightweight design won't slow you down.
  • Isotherm provides up to 2.5 hours of cooling in 90°F ambient temperatures.


With our Comfort Systems, you can keep up with all your summer blasting jobs without breaking a sweat.

Want more cool tips? Check out our video on summer compressor maintenance below.


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