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The Declaration of Dustless Blasting: It All Starts With A Vision

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It wasn't to long ago that we were celebrating Independence day and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. That declaration got me thinking about how F.H. Roselle and his vision started the pathway for our parent company MMLJ Manufacturing. Roselle patented his first Abrasive Blasting Machine in 1941 and from that  history we have been able to produce and innovate two additional product lines. Dustless Blasting is the result of a vision. It was developed to revolutionize the surface preparation industry and has since gained world recognition for it's high level of quality, effectiveness and reliability. Our vision can now become your vision by following The Declaration of Dustless Blasting.

The Declaration of Dustless Blasting

Part 1 - Awareness

We have already solved the issue of an inefficient surface preparation method with Dustless Blasting, but we encourage you to seek out and try Dustless Blasting machines for yourself. Look at all of our various machine options. Search the needs in your area or in your own business to see just how this revolutionary tool can create business or improve business for you. I was actually at a store in my area this morning and noticed a definite need, line-stripe removal.  I really couldn't believe that a company spent all of this time redoing their parking lot yet didn't remove the old paint before applying the new! Is it because they don't know there is fast and efficient way to take care of this problem? Is there no one close by that can tackle this need?  It just proved to me that there is work to be done out there. 

What can Dustless Blasting be used for?


Part 2 - Declaring Independence

Make the leap and start this business - either for your yourself or as part of an existing business. You get to work for yourself and you will gain a salary that is only limited by how many hours you want to work in a day. Concerned about the cost? On a segment that aired last Sunday on Motorhead Garage presented by Dustless Blasting, Brian Lohnes said, "the reality is that if you own a pickup truck- you already own the majority of your startup costs. That unit is less than a typical pickup truck."  That's true, the machine will pay for itself in no time.

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Part 3 - Principles and Beliefs

Take a moment and appreciate your productivity paying off. Enjoy the jobs that you have had the opportunity to undertake and relish in those challenging projects that you successfully complete. With every job a profitable future awaits due to your increased knowledge and qualifications.

Start Your Business Today

The time is now for you to achieve your goals, to move forward in the development of your entrepreneurial ideals and forge your own path. We believe that this is your opportunity to pursue your vision!

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