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See Us On "My Classic Car" Talking About The Right Tool 

We always feel fortunate when we get to appear with Dennis Gage on My Classic Car. We have had guest appearances on his show that started with the debut of our smallest machine. On this latest airing we were able to talk with Dennis about the important message behind Dustless Blasting that answers the question, WHY are you still working hard at the wrong thing? We have addressed this message before in the blog "Are You Working Hard At The Wrong Thing?"  back in October.  Watch the segment and discover for yourself why Dustless Blasting is the right tool for the Future of Surface Preparation®.



The bottom line is you have the power to choose the best tool for the job - so would you rather use highly toxic chemicals that are only marginally effective, potentially fail and possibly have to be used repeatedly to achieve the desired finish or should you start Dustless Blasting with any one of our machines using inert and non-toxic media that gets the job done in with a simple and efficient process? There's no reason why paint stripping should be the hardest part any project. The right tool for the job makes all the difference!

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