QuickTip Tuesday: How often should I replace my air filter cartridge?


The Nova 3® respirator, when properly fitted and used with all required components, is a NIOSH approved Type CE respirator. By keeping up with preventative maintenance, you can ensure you always have a clean, safe breathing air supply while blasting. 

Generally, replace the filter cartridge every 3 months. 

This is based on a 40 hour week of typical usage. 

Or, replace it immediately if...

  1. You can detect any odor or tastes in the air being supplied to the respirator.
  2. There is moisture at the outlet fittings.
  3. There is a large pressure drop of 10psi or more across the filter.

Purchase replacement filter cartridges here.


For full details, please refer to the Radex Airline Filter Instruction Manual.

The air your breathe is only as good as the filter you're using. 

Keeping an extra filter on hand helps you stay on top of preventative maintenance.. 


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