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Pop Quiz: Are You Ready For A Dustless Blasting Mobile Business?

Are you ready for this?

Dustless Blasting is a fast, clean and green method for paint stripping and cleaning. A Dustless Blasting Mobile Business means you get to take all of those features with you wherever you go. Customers are not out of reach when you can get to them with a truck and a trailer. Our newly redesigned DB500 Mobile XL is perfect for light commercial and residential work. It has room for a pallet of material and extra storage for your necessary supplies while on the go.

Take a moment and answer the following quiz questions. How many times can you say, YES?

Does Dustless Blasting make your job easier? 

Yes. Our machines are simple, reliable and versatile. They are easy to operate, just right for most any job and they are built to the highest factory standards. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 12.34.09 PM.png

Does Dustless Blasting save you time?

Yes. You are definitely saving time when (with the DB500 XL) you get about an hour of blast time in one fill and can blast down to a paintable surface in one step.

DB500_MobileXL_large copy.png

Does Dustless Blasting save you money?  

Yes. You can save money by using less media per job. When using the correct abrasive with the correct blast pressure and correct media flow, less media is consumed.


Does Dustless Blasting give you a leading edge over others?  

Yes, Absolutely!  Dustless Blasting is an innovative tool for many industry applications. Using water to create mass when mixed with the abrasive means you get more work done with less media. In addition, it reduces the dust plume and you aren't using any harsh chemicals.

I am certain you just answered yes to all of the questions above and that means you are definitely ready for your own Dustless Blasting Mobile Business.

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