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The FASTEST Graffiti Removal Tool!

In this week's NewsBrief we share a video from Houston Dustless Blasting, who did a small graffiti job in downtown Houston that took only 37 seconds! Not only did they make good money on a job that only took them a few minutes total, but the property owner or manager was thrilled as well!

This is a great example of the valuable service our Dustless Blasting business owners provide to their community! There are many businesses that can produce an income, but as a Dustless Blaster, you're sometimes providing solutions that only you can provide! When the customer knows you're their only hope, they end up being more appreciative of your service. Take a look at the lady who tried everything to remove the paint from her faux rocks in this video, and notice how pleased she is to shell out $3,000 for less one day's worth of work!

When you own a Dustless Blaster, opportunities like this are everywhere. Check out the NewsBrief below.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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