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The Most Reliable Blasting Machine in the Industry

Dustless Blasting is the latest and greatest name in the surface preparation industry. Although our Dustless Blasting product line is new, we've been manufacturing abrasive blasters for over 70 years! During those years we've evolved a lot. We've improved our designs, upgraded our manufacturing facility, and bought better tools.

However, we've never stopped insisting on producing top quality sandblasting equipment that is simple to operate, reliable, versatile, and durable. In fact, we recently sold a DB800 to Cory. He's been using one of our old Sanstorm blasting machines since 1978, and it still works great! Take a gander at the video below to hear from Cory...

Cory isn't the only one. We have many customers who still use their Sanstorm blast pots with great success. This Sanstorm abrasive blaster from 1961 was found in a junkyard. After replacing a few seals, gaskets, and hoses, the machine worked like a champ!

An old MMLJ sandblasting machine from 1961.This 56 year old sandblasting equipment still works great after a simple revamp!









Our blast machines are made in America by Americans, with the highest regard for quality, and all of our blast pots are covered by a lifetime warranty. Our Dustless Blaster's are capable of wet blasting to suppress dust and reduce media consumption, but can perform dry blasting also.

Our portable sandblasters / Mobile Dustless Blasting rigs have everything you need to blast, wrapped into one nice looking package. 

So if you want bullet proof, always reliable, ultra versatile sandblasting equipment, check out the Dustless Blaster!

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